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Solutions for the USB-C™-Generation

USB TypE-CTM - One plug for everything! More and more manufacturers are relying on USB Type-C™ instead of the classic USB or micro USB interface. Whether on a laptop, smartphone or tablet - the Type-C™ interface makes it easy and convenient to connect peripheral devices, because the plug can be plugged in both ways. Multimedia, office or home applications will be a breeze. Use one port to get access to all your devices.

Versatile, reversible, multimedia - USB TYPE-C™

Applications of the USB Type-C™

Stationary use
Home & Offfice

Mobile use
Ideal for on the go

More power, more possibilities
Simple and convenient. The plug can be plugged in both ways.
Up to 4K/60Hz resolution for theUSB-C™-enabled displays.
20x faster than USB 2.0
2x faster than USB 3.0
Up to 10 Gbps
Laptop, tablet, smartphone - Connect all your devices with just one cable.
Charge your devices via the existing PD port.

Type-C Docking Stationen

USB Type-C™ Docking Stations - All-in-one

One USB-C™ port - many possibilities - The USB-C™ docking stations from DIGITUS® offer a wealth of possibilities, both for home and office applications. DIGITUS® has a variety of solutions ready for you. 

Use the interfaces of your choice - combined in a docking station via only one free USB-C™ port on your laptop. Save yourself the hassle of having to replug all device cables with a docking station.

USB Type-C™ Mobile Solutions

All connections available - anywhere, anytime - DIGITUS® USB-C™ - Mobile Solutions - Benefit from the compact dimensions, attractive designs and user-optimized  devices from the DIGITUS® Mobile Solutions series.
Expand your mobile devices with the interfaces you need on the go. Uncomplicated handling by Plug & Play

Type-C Mobile Solutions
Product number: DA-70866
USB-C Multiport Travel Dock, 8 Port 2x video, 2x USB-C, 2x USB3.0, RJ45,2x card reader
Product number: DA-70836
USB Type-C 4K HDMI Adapter, 20cm cable length Aluminium Housing, Chipset: VL100/PS176
Product number: DA-70839
USB Type-C Multi Adapter VGA 1 USB Type C port for PD, 1 USB 3.0

USB Type-C™ - Charging

More power, shorter charging times, variable power supply.
DIGITUS® USB-C™ - Power Delivery (PD) - Only one charging station for all devices.

USB-C™ Power Delivery - The system for uncomplicated power supply. DIGITUS® offers a range of smart devices for universal power supply via USB-C™. 
Product number: DA-10195
4-Port USB Charger, 72W, 1xUSB-C (Power Delivery), 5,9,15,20V/3A, 3x USB-A 5V/2.4A, black
Product number: DA-10194
Universal Travel USB Charging Station, 40W, 2x USB A Quick Charge 3.0, 1x USB C, (EU/US/UK)
Product number:

DIGITUS® recommend...

USB Type-C™ Cables and Connectors Specification - The current challenge: Anyone who buys a new smartphone, tablet or notebook today must connect their peripheral devices via the conventional USB Type A port. Therefore cables and adapters are necessary. We offer a wide range of cables and adapters for all common combinations in all price ranges. 

Product number: AK-300136-018-S
USB Type-C connection cable, type C to A M/M, 1.8m, 3A, 480MB, 2.0 Version, bl
Product number: AK-300138-018-S
USB Type-C connection cable, type C to C M/M, 1.8m, 3A, 480MB, 2.0 Version, bl
Product number: AK-300210-007-S
USB Type-C extension cable, type C M/F, 0.7m, Gen2, 5A, 10GB, 3.1 Version, CE, bl

DIGITUS® USB Type-C™ Products