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Solutions for small networks.

Components in a compact 10-inch shape factor are the basis for functional and flexible solutions in the field of network technology. The 10-inch system is used both in the commercial environment as well as in the private sector. In modern buildings, the growing demand for SmartHome and broadband Internet applications means that more and more networked components are finding their way onto the market. They should be installed and networked as centrally as possible in the house, office or apartment.
DIGITUS® 10-inch technology is able to implement professional network solutions even in a very limited space. It can also be easily installed in smaller corners and niches or in the vicinity of classic electrical

DIGITUS® offers coordinated components that meet all the requirements of modern network technology.

Where can a 10 inch housing be used?

Small Offices & Home Offices

Doctor´s Surgeries & Lawyer´s Offices

Retailers & B2B


Why should you turn to 10 inch solutions?

  1. Comply with the requirements of structured wiring in a small installation area
  2. Maximum safety by avoiding loose cable connections
  3. Easy scalability of the network when needed

10 inch (254 mm) wall housing.

The network infrastructure in small environments is becoming more and more important. Whether in your own home or in small office rooms - a clearly arranged and structured technical environment should ensure that your data is transported safely everywhere. The 10-inch (254 mm) solutions from DIGITUS® ensure optimized and space-saving network management

Professional network technology in a small space
Individually configurable to your needs
Easily accessibly cable management
at a defined position
No high investment and installation costs
The system grows with your requirements

DIGITUS® offers the right solution.

Passive technology: Die DIGITUS® infrastructure products ensure an optimal signaling rate and at the same time, maximize the connection security of your data.

The correct selection of the connection component de-pends on the number of ports that are required (work-stations), the signaling rate that is required and the installed cable types (CAT 6, CAT 7...).
Product number: DN-93617
CAT 6A Keystone Jack, shielded 500 MHz acc.ISO/IEC 60603-7-51,11801 AMD2:2010-04, tool free connection
Product number: DN-91420
Modular Patch Panel, shielded, 12-Port Blank,1U,254mm (10") Rack Mount, black RAL 9005
Product number: DN-91612SD-EA
Desktop CAT 6A Patch Panel, shielded Class EA, 12-port RJ45, 8P8C, LSA
Product number: DN-91608S-G
CAT 6 patch panel, shielded, 8-port RJ45 8P8C, LSA, 1U, 254 mm(10") Rack Mount, grey

Ethernet switches in a 10-inch formatIf a large number of networked end devices are operated in your network, e.g. servers, PCs, displays, printers, routers, NAS systems and even smart TVs and game consoles, these devices have to be connected to each other via an Ethernet switch. Basically, Ethernet switches differ in terms of the number of ports they offer and the maximum data throughput. A distinction is made between fast Ethernet with 100 Mbit/s and gigabit Ethernet with 1,000 Mbit/s (1 Gbit/s).

If you want to operate devices in your network that cannot be supplied with power at the place of use, or only poorly supplied (e.g. access points or IP cameras ...), it is recommended that you use a switch with PoE (Power over Ethernet) support. This special type of switch provides PoE-compatible network devices with the required operating current. With PoE technology, an additional connection of the end device to the power supply can be omitted.

Product number: DN-60013
Fast Ethernet Switch 8-port, 10 inch, unmanaged
Product number: DN-80114
Gigabit Ethernet Switch 8-port, 10 inch, unmanaged
Product number: DN-95317
Gigabit Ethernet PoE switch 8-port PoE, 10 inch, 96W PoE budget

Accessories for network cabinets.

Um eine optimale Funktionsfähigkeit Ihres Netzwerkes sicher zu stellen, werden neben den aktiven- und passiven Netzwerkkomponenten auch nützliche Zubehörprodukte für Ihr 10 Zoll Gehäuse 

This is where DIGITUS® offers a variety of useful aids.

10 inch accessories and products

6 rack unit wall housing

Cable strips

9 rack unit wall housing

Cable management panel

Plug socket strip